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Summer's School Book Review

  Michael J. Hoggatt ’s journey began in 1996. He thought that he wanted to be a history professor, not a Special Education teacher, but, as he says, “God had other plans.” As those plans unfold, we see him and his wife Mandy struggle to adopt a child, then finally welcome a young disabled girl named Summer into their home. This change brings profound challenges but even more profound joy, and what Hoggatt learns along the way becomes the impetus for his memoir,  Summer’s School: Lessons Taught Along a Journey Through Foster Care, Disability, and Health Care by the Bravest Girl I Know  ( Hoggatt Consulting ). Hoggatt’s project serves many purposes, the most important of which is a written testament to God’s way of turning every individual’s story into a transformative life lesson. In this case, the author’s adoptive daughter, Summer, becomes a story that can uplift, enlighten and inspire good in us all. One crucial takeaway is hope. Hope sustains Summer, her family, and ultimately, us

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